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Learn anytime, anywhere from the comfort of your own home, and still have dedicated tutor support. Our tutors work at your pace. We understand that not everyone can take days off work to attend a course, and equally, you as a company may use eLearning as a cost-efficient method of training your staff.
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If you are self motivated then this is the way to learn. I wanted something that would fit in around my life and this does. Have a go! I’m glad I did!


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It was a great journey with Axiom Dynamics for getting the award of being an IQA. I enjoyed the learning and completing the assignments.


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I highly recommend. Learners can complete courses quickly at their own pace with their support.


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Their admin and efficiency has made the whole process an absolute pleasure. I recommend them whole heartedly.



Popular Question

eLearning is the delivery of learning and training through digital resources. eLearning makes it easy for you to learn anytime, anywhere, with few, if any, restrictions. eLearning is training, learning, or education delivered online through a computer or any other digital device, such as a tablet or phone.

Yes, you can speak with a dedicated tutor to help support and guide you through your course.

Yes, we provide technical support. Whether you require help using our learner management system or our eLearning platform, we are always at hand to help.

Our prices are inclusive of all costs. The fee includes Learner Registration with the Awarding Organisation, Exam Fees or assessment submissions and Certification.

This will depend on the course you are taking. Further information on the exact resources can be found in the course description. Where available, we provide pdf, word documents, as well as Amazon Kindle Books. These books remain yours to keep for reference, even after the completion of your course.

Yes, we do indeed. You can find our CPD eLearning courses here.

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